New appointments for Associate Professor Russell Land

Associate Professor Russell Land has undertaken a number of new appointments.

Chairman of Gynaecology at Greenslopes Private Hospital

Dr Land is proud to be the appointed Chair of Gynaecology for the last four years.  This involves running all departmental meetings including quality assurance to constantly strive for better outcomes for patients at Greenslopes Private Hospital.

Medical Advisory Committee Member at Greenslopes Private Hospital

Newly appointed this year, this important group of department heads and administrative staff at Greenslopes Private Hospital ensure the hospital as a whole is working to its maximum potential.  MAC represents one of the most important aspects of running any large effective hospital.

Chairman of Queensland Gynaecological Cancer Quality Assurance Committee

Dr Land is committed to high level quality assurance and as such is the nominated chairman of this statewide review of gynaecological cancer surgery which meets bimonthly.

Member of GC RED Fund Charity (Gynaecological Cancer Research Education and Development)   

This charity has recently been established and it's purpose is to advance gynaecological cancer research,  awareness and training to those that care for all women with a gynaecologic malignancy.  Dr Land is extremely humbled to be on the board of this wonderful charity, benefiting patients and families affected by gynaecologic cancer.  Most recently the charity has made a significant contribution to supporting the ECHO trial (Exercise During Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer) which is looking at the role of exercise during chemotherapy treatment.

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