Fees and Payment

Consultation fees vary depending on a number of factors including whether it is your initial consultation or for ongoing follow up and also in circumstances where Dr Land may need to perform other procedures like colposcopy/cervical and endometrial biopsies, Mirena insertions and removals etc.

Fees are payable in full at the completion of the consultation.  Methods of payment accepted are credit cards (VISA and  MasterCard), EFTPOS and cash.  After payment we can submit your Medicare claim electronically on your behalf and the appropriate rebate will be deposited into your nominated bank account, usually within 24 hours.  Full aged pensioners receive a 10% discount.

Surgical fees charged by this practice are at or below that recommended by the Australian Medical Association (AMA). They reflect the costs associated with running a modern up to date practice and delivering a very high standard of care.  After your consultation and before any surgery is undertaken, we issue a comprehensive information pack which includes an estimate of our surgical fees and the likely out of pocket costs along with other relevant details you will need to prepare for surgery.  After surgery we issue our final invoice and after being issued with a receipt of payment,  Medicare and Health Fund rebate can then be claimed . 

Due to constraints imposed by various private health insurance companies we regret that we cannot routinely participate in gap cover schemes although again we do offer a discount to full aged pensioners.

We are always happy to explain any queries you may have with any of the above as it can sometimes be quite confusing – just phone us on 07 38477879 and we will guide you through the whole process.